Welcome to Torro Cases. Our business is to protect your mobile device. We love technology and in particular we love mobile devices. Our core business is designing stylish genuine leather cases to protect and enhance the look of your device. The big tech companies work hard on the aesthetics of their devices and here at Torro Cases we really love the designs of the leading smartphones. We are in business because we hate to see them hidden away in poor cases. We design cases that we want to use, that enhance the beauty of the device itself.

Our cases turn heads, get people talking and simply add to the experience of owning a top of the line mobile device.

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Let's look at protecting more than the aesthetics of your device!

January 15, 2015

We’ve got you covered on the outside but are you protecting yourself on the inside?   Here at TORRO, it is our business to protect your mobile devices with as much style and luxury as possible. If you are reading this and you protect your device with a TORRO case, then that means 2 things; you want to keep your device safe, meaning you care about your investment and you want to do it with as much style and functionality as possible. For me, that’s the easy bit but is that your device 100% safe? Aesthetically, yes it is but doesn’t it go deeper than that? what about the stuff we can’t protect for you… yep that’s it, your data.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas from TORRO

December 20, 2014

Here we are again. Most offices around the world are putting their pens down and easing into the holiday season. Don't forget to spare a thought for those who keep working around the holidays, the emergency services, shop workers, logistics and utilities companies and everyone else who allows us to relax at this time of year with the world still ticking over. If you are one of them, then thank you so much.   We will still be here at TORRO, processing your orders and keeping the TORRO wheel turning over the holidays. I'd like to say a big thank you to the whole TORRO team for their efforts and continued commitment to team, I am so lucky to have... Continue Reading →

TORRO: For those who already have everything

December 17, 2014

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