Welcome to Torro Cases. Our business is to protect your mobile device. We love technology and in particular we love mobile devices. Our core business is designing stylish genuine leather cases to protect and enhance the look of your device. The big tech companies work hard on the aesthetics of their devices and here at Torro Cases we really love the designs of the leading smartphones. We are in business because we hate to see them hidden away in poor cases. We design cases that we want to use, that enhance the beauty of the device itself.

Our cases turn heads, get people talking and simply add to the experience of owning a top of the line mobile device.

Leather Wallet Case


TORRO: For those who already have everything

December 17, 2014

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Who's getting excited for Christmas, TORRO are!!!

November 26, 2014

Well the Christmas season is almost upon us, the time of year we sport some incredible knitwear and increase our calorific intake by 500% but isn’t it just magic. We love Christmas here at Torro, lots of shiny new gadgets under the tree, iPads and Galaxys galore. Now my kids are getting a little bigger Christmas certainly means one thing… i’ll have slower broadband speed come boxing day with all the extra WiFi devices in the house.   We sincerely hope we can be part of your Christmas, there is nothing like a premium leather Torro case to protect that special gift, last year we received some lovely emails from happy customers who found the addition of a Torro case... Continue Reading →


November 02, 2014

1997… The year I left school and started making a go of things on my own. It seems like yesterday to a 30 something like me. Back then Apple was struggling in a battle with Bill Gates and Microsoft who were about to release the iconic Windows 98… My first computer was a standalone beige device that sat in the corner of the room to be used for homework and playing the odd game or two. (Anyone remember the original Duke Nukem?) Back in 1997 Yahoo ruled the search engine world but it was nothing like it is today. Very much text based and very ‘directory’ like in order for 56K dial up modems to cope. In 1997 Google did... Continue Reading →