Welcome to Torro Cases. Our business is to protect your mobile device. We love technology and in particular we love mobile devices. Our core business is designing stylish genuine leather cases to protect and enhance the look of your device. The big tech companies work hard on the aesthetics of their devices and here at Torro Cases we really love the designs of the leading smartphones. We are in business because we hate to see them hidden away in poor cases. We design cases that we want to use, that enhance the beauty of the device itself.

Our cases turn heads, get people talking and simply add to the experience of owning a top of the line mobile device.

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The iWatch... erm I mean Apple Watch is here!!

September 13, 2014

So, Apple Watch is here, surprises.. well.. no, not really. Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted to see it and I am excited to get my hands on one but there is a definite sense of “it’s not exactly the iPod”. When Steve Jobs dipped into his jean pocket on 23rd October 2001; he pulled out an MP3 player, MP3 players weren’t a new technology, this wasn’t a new concept or idea but it was a game changer.    The iPod simply showed the world how the MP3 player should be and the rest, as the cliche goes ‘is history’. The iPod had the control click wheel. The control wheel allowed users to access any song within 3 clicks and... Continue Reading →

Education or distraction?

September 01, 2014

  Gone are the days when all you need to do at the start of a new school year is buy a new uniform, shoes and stationary. Most kids will be going back to school with iPods, mobile phones and tablets. The morning routine won’t just be checking that their shoes are polished and they’ve got their P.E kit you’ll also be making sure that their mobile devices are fully charged! Technology in the classroom, will it help our kids achieve a better education or will it lead them distraction?With the wide variety of Apps available some schools have chosen to heavily invest in iPads and use Apps as a tool for learning with great success. How does your local... Continue Reading →

Android corner: Latest on KitKat and Google music streaming

August 19, 2014

Afternoon Guys, a quick update on what's happening in the Googlesphere:   Android Kit Kat: Torro HTC One M8 customers should be pleased to hear that a 600mb kitkat release named 4.4.3. is now available to fix bugs and enhance sensory performance, a full list of updates is included at the bottom of this article, we are awaiting news as to when Samsung Galaxy intend on rolling out the update. It is believed the Galaxy update will be titled 4.4.4 in keeping with the kitkat version recently released for Nexus 7 to resolve issues of random rebooting and battery life. Torro sources suggest that the 4.4.4 for Galaxy is still in the testing phase but should surface in the Autumn.... Continue Reading →