Welcome to Torro Cases. Our business is to protect your mobile device. We love technology and in particular we love mobile devices. Our core business is designing stylish genuine leather cases to protect and enhance the look of your device. The big tech companies work hard on the aesthetics of their devices and here at Torro Cases we really love the designs of the leading smartphones. We are in business because we hate to see them hidden away in poor cases. We design cases that we want to use, that enhance the beauty of the device itself.
Our cases turn heads, get people talking and simply add to the experience of owning a top of the line mobile device.

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HTC Boomsound!! Back with the M9

June 17, 2015

Well anyone with an M8 will tell you that by far a stand out feature is the Boomsound 5.1 imitating speaker. Depth, bass and lots of volume. Tested against a small bluetooth speaker it really does hit the mark. What we want to look at is... did it improve in the M9. Check out the video ( https://youtu.be/wba8T2Z5RGI ) and see what you think, personally I think it's pretty much the same, hey if it ain't broke don't tinker with it. With the launch of Apple Music earlier this month, Spotify will be upping their game. A collaboration with HTC seems sensible to create a bespoke version of the App for HTC customers specifically tweaked to get the best out... Continue Reading →

Torro charges into the community

May 29, 2015

Michael and I started TORRO back in 2012, we got into the business of mobile phone protection because we simply could not find a case for our devices which we wanted to use. Previously, we had both worked together for the best part of 13 years in the same office. We would trade stories of our latest gizmos and gadgets and what they could or couldn't do. We would often banter about having the latest and greatest bit of tech... but one thing we never really could trump one another on were the cases and covers to protect our prized possessions. From a shared idea over a cup of coffee, TORRO was born.  We are genuinely in this business to... Continue Reading →

Lets talk Apple Watch now it's 'nearly' here

April 24, 2015

So the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch is here… well our’s isn’t it is still in the back log of pre-orders so it is slowing up our progress to make some really great accessories to go with it, we just can’t wait to announce them.   We are really keen to hear from the lucky people and find out what they think about the Watch. Personally i’m also really interested to know which one you went for as it is a hot topic in the office here at TORRO HQ. The big debate is on the Watch Edition, is it really worth the thousands of pounds it costs, some say being an early adopter and keeping the Watch in nice condition... Continue Reading →


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