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Our cases turn heads, get people talking and simply add to the experience of owning a top of the line mobile device.

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Android corner: Latest on KitKat and Google music streaming

August 19, 2014

Afternoon Guys, a quick update on what's happening in the Googlesphere:   Android Kit Kat: Torro HTC One M8 customers should be pleased to hear that a 600mb kitkat release named 4.4.3. is now available to fix bugs and enhance sensory performance, a full list of updates is included at the bottom of this article, we are awaiting news as to when Samsung Galaxy intend on rolling out the update. It is believed the Galaxy update will be titled 4.4.4 in keeping with the kitkat version recently released for Nexus 7 to resolve issues of random rebooting and battery life. Torro sources suggest that the 4.4.4 for Galaxy is still in the testing phase but should surface in the Autumn.... Continue Reading →

September 9th - iPhone 6...?

August 09, 2014

September 9th is now widely regarded to be the day when Apple announce details of the next iPhone. As usual Apple fans around the world are speculating about the new handset or handsets that are about to be released. Here at Torro Cases we love tech… Samsung and HTC are pushing boundaries with some great and powerful handsets but there’s something about Apple’s iPhone that has a special place with us…Its all just rumour and speculation until we see the new handset held aloft by Tim Cook on September 9th so we will all have to wait until then to know for certain what the new iPhone will be like. Apple seem to delight to disappoint with their announcements so... Continue Reading →

Technology by the pool. Yes or No?

August 03, 2014

Would you go technology free for your summer holiday? Is your holiday really a holiday if your smartphone or tablet constantly has you plugged into the grid back home? A few years ago part of what made you want to come back after your two weeks in the sun was finding out everything you had missed from your friends and family. Now you know everything from Facebook, twitter, iMessage, BBM. It's as if you are not even on holiday! The world is certainly a smaller place with todays technology… but does all of this make for a better more relaxing holiday?Kindles and iPads around the pool are what you see nowadays… Teenagers glued to smartphones and iPod touch style devices... Continue Reading →